Highest-Rated Anime on IMDB

Fullmetal Alchemist

The story of this show revolves around two brother searching for a Philosopher's stone in the world of alchemy. It has 9.1 rating on IMDB.

Hunter x Hunter

The story of this action adventure show revolves around a young kid who wants to become an Hunter. It has received a rating of 9.0 on IMDB.

Death Note

A teenager gets the power to kill anyone in the world when he finds a mysterious book. Death Note has 8.9 rating on IMDB.

Cowboy Bebop

This action adventure drama revolves around the futuristic misadventures of a bounty hunter group. It has a 8.9 rating on IMDB.

One Punch Man

A man who can defeat anyone with one punch is now dealing with depression. This amazing Anime has recieved a rating of 8.7 on IMDB.