The Flash had 3 Alternate Endings according to Rumors

In the world of superhero films, “The Flash” has made a significant impact on the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) by introducing audiences to the concept of the multiverse and showcasing the potential for alternate timelines. The movie, starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, aka The Flash, takes viewers on a thrilling journey through time and space, ultimately altering the course of the DCEU and opening up new possibilities for future storylines.

The film’s exploration of alternate realities has been a major talking point among fans and critics alike, as it offers a fresh take on beloved characters and sets the stage for exciting developments in the franchise. With its groundbreaking approach and surprising alternate endings, “The Flash” has not only reinvigorated the DCEU but also sparked endless discussions about the future of these iconic superheroes and their place within the ever-expanding multiverse. Rumors even suggest that ‘The Flash’ had 3 alternate endings.

The Flash Alternate Endings

1. George Clooney’s Batman meets Barry Allen outside the courthouse:

The theatrical ending presents a surprising encounter between George Clooney’s Batman and Barry Allen. This unexpected twist has left audiences speculating about the direction of the franchise and the role of Clooney’s Batman in upcoming DCEU films.

2. Michael Keaton’s Batman & Sasha Calle’s Supergirl meets Barry Allen:

In this alternate ending, Barry Allen encounters Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl outside the courthouse. This meeting hints at a potential collaboration between these characters in future DCEU films, as well as the integration of different timelines within the universe.

3. A star-studded lineup with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Supergirl:

The second alternate ending features an even more impressive gathering of heroes, as Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman join Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl to congratulate Barry Allen. This version showcases the expansive scope of the DCEU and teases an exciting future for interconnected superhero films.

Fans and critics alike have been buzzing with excitement over the three alternate endings of “The Flash.” Each version has sparked numerous discussions and debates, as viewers analyze the implications of these different outcomes for the DCEU. While some fans prefer the star-studded team-up in the second alternate ending, others appreciate the surprise factor of George Clooney’s Batman making an appearance in the chosen ending. Overall, the various endings have added to the intrigue surrounding “The Flash” and its impact on the DC multiverse.

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