Who Is G’iah, Emilia Clarke’s Character in ‘Secret Invasion’?

Emilia Clarke is set to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut as G’iah in the highly-anticipated political thriller ‘Secret Invasion’. The series, based on the popular comic book storyline of the same name, will see a new faction of Skrulls taking matters into their own hands after decades of unfulfilled promises. In this article, we’ll delve into who G’iah is and what role she will play in the upcoming Marvel series.

Who is G’iah?

G’iah (pronounced ‘gaia’) is the daughter of Talos, the Skrull commander played by Ben Mendelsohn in the MCU. Although G’iah made a brief appearance as a child in the 2019 film ‘Captain Marvel’, her character holds a special connection to the franchise. Unlike her father, G’iah (Emilia Clarke) doesn’t exactly hold the human race in high esteem, and her feelings of resentment have been built up over the years due to unfulfilled promises made by those who vowed to help the Skrulls find a new homeland.

What role will G’iah play in ‘Secret Invasion’?

G’iah will be a key player in ‘Secret Invasion’, as both she and Olivia Colman’s character, a ruthless MI6 agent, will be diving headfirst into the murky waters of the Skrulls’ clandestine infiltration of powerful organizations and governments. Although they will ostensibly be on different sides of the conflict, very little is what it seems when Skrulls are involved, as they can shapeshift to look like anyone.

Emilia Clarke has described her character as having a “punk feeling”, as she is a refugee kid who has had Talos for a dad. G’iah’s constant living in her father’s shadow has hardened her, and her confrontational aspects have come from the circumstance. She has a lot of emotions that live within her, and her feelings of resentment towards the human race are understandable given their broken promises.

What can we expect from Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of G’iah?

Emilia Clarke as Skrull

Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of G’iah is expected to be a departure from her previous roles, as the character is more hardened and confrontational than we have seen from the actress before. She has described G’iah as having a punk feeling, which suggests that the character will have a rebellious streak. This will likely be a challenging role for Clarke, as she will need to balance G’iah’s emotional complexity with her tough exterior.

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What has Samuel L. Jackson said about the series?

Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the MCU, has revealed that shooting ‘Secret Invasion’ has taught him “things that even I really didn’t know about Nick Fury”. He has also stated that the series will give him an opportunity to explore something other than the “badassery” of Fury’s character. This suggests that we can expect a more nuanced portrayal of the character in the upcoming series.

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Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of G’iah in ‘Secret Invasion’ is highly anticipated by MCU fans, as the character holds a special connection to the franchise and is expected to be a departure from Emilia Clarke’s previous roles. G’iah’s emotional complexity and tough exterior make her a challenging character to play, but we have no doubt that Clarke will do the character justice. With Samuel L. Jackson also promising a more nuanced portrayal of Nick Fury, ‘Secret Invasion’ is shaping up to be one of the most exciting MCU series yet. Secret Invasion is now releasing on 21st June 2023.


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