Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Scarlett Johansson Movies are one of the most awaited movie projects all over the world. Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is an American actress, born on November 22, 1984. She made her film debut in the fantasy comedy “North” in  1994 as a child actor, and later became the highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019.

You might know Scarlett Johansson for her most popular portrayal of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff in the MCU. However, throughout her 29 years of career, she has worked in over 55 movies, 6 TV shows, and 5 music videos. In this article, I will tell you about the Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies that you should watch at least once as a fan.

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

10 Black Widow (2021)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Black Widow was the first and only Black Widow movie made in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before this, she appeared in 9 movies for almost 12 years as Black Widow. So, it was a kind of tribute to her character, as the movie was released after the character of Natasha Romanoff died in Avengers: End Game.

Black Widow is a spy thriller that reveals the darker past of Natasha Romanoff. It shows the story of the Black Widow program, which was run by Dreykov. The movie takes place right after the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016). Florence Pugh, David Harbour, and Rachel Weisz also played important roles in the movie. This movie is not a masterpiece, but if you loved her portrayal of Black Widow, then this will become one of your favorite Scarlett Johansson movies.

9. Ghost In the Shell (2017)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Ghost in the Shell is settled in the near future. Scarlett Johansson played the lead role of Major, who is a cyber-enhanced soldier. She is working with an organization to end crime in this world. However, she finds out that her team is not what she thinks.

Scarlett Johansson played a challenging Japanese character in the movie, and it was the only center of attraction for most of the parts. Ghost in the Shell failed to impress the critics, but there is a group of fans, that really liked Scarlett Johansson in this action-packed role.

8. Lucy (2014)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Lucy is also one of the sci-fi Scarlett Johansson movies that was released in 2014. The movie is based on a basic concept of what a human mind can do if we unlock it to its 100 percent capacity. It is one of my personal favorite Scarlett Johansson movies, with a really fresh concept. However, they failed to impress the audience despite getting 67% on rotten tomatoes critics.

7. In Good Company (2004)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

In Good Company is a comedy/Drama that shows the story of Dan Foreman, played by Dennis Quaid. Dan Foreman’s life becomes complicated when Carter Duryea replaced him as a sports magazine executive and also dating her daughter (Scarlett Johansson) at the same time. The story becomes more complicated when Dan founds his wife is now pregnant. Scarlett Johansson played the lead female role and was praised by critics for her acting.

6. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) and Vicky visit Patricia in Barcelona for summer vacations. They meet a seductive painter Juan Antonio, who invites them for food, art, and *ex. However, things get really complicated when his fiery former lover arrives on the scene. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a comedy/drama that was released in 2008 and received a really good response from both critics and audiences.

5. Lost in Translation (2003)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Lost in Translation is a Comedy/Drama released in 2003. Scarlett Johansson played the role of the lead female character Charlotte in the movie, who starts an affair with Bob Harris (Bill Murray) in Japan.

4. Marriage Story (2019)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Netflix’s Marriage Story was a drama that revolves around the divorce of a stage director and his actor wife. They file for divorce happily and mutually, but things start to get ugly when the situation gets complicated around their son. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver played the lead role of Nicole and Charlie in the movie, and both were appreciated for their acting. Marriage Story received an overwhelming response from both critics and audience and it was also nominated for various awards in the same year of release.

3. Her (2013)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Joaquin Phoenix starer HER is a comedy/drama that shows the life of an antisocial guy Theodore. Things start to complicate when he develops feelings for an AI girlfriend Samantha, played by Scarlett Johansson. She didn’t appear in the movie for a single frame. However, her voice does all the magic as she dominates other on-screen characters just by her voice. The movie was appreciated by both audience and critics as it received 94% and 82% critics and audience scores respectively.

2. Ghost World (2001)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Ghost World is a comedy-drama and one of the highest-rated Scarlett Johansson movies. The movie has received 93 percent rotten tomatoes from critics and 84 percent score from the audience. It shows the story of two girls Enid and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson), who recently graduated from high school and are now exploring their love life while struggling with their friendship.

1. Under the Skin (2013)

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies

Under the Skin is one of the most popular Scarlett Johansson movies after her role as Black Widow in MCU. The movie has received an 84% score from critics on rotten tomatoes. However, the audience didn’t really like this movie because of the dark and slow tone of the movie.

Under the Skin is a story of an alien disguising herself as a human female and trying to attract males toward her. The acting of Scarlett Johansson is the center of attraction for the movie. However, it’s also really popular for the only Scarlett Johansson *ude scene in her entire career.

What are the upcoming Scarlett Johansson Movies?

Transformers One, Project Artemis, and My Mother’s Wedding are the upcoming movies of Scarlett Johansson.

What are the most popular Scarlett Johansson Movies?

Black Widow, Under the Skin, and Lucy are one of the most popular Scarlett Johansson movies.

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