Flash’s New Suit Unveiled: The story behind the Speedster’s costume in the Flash movie

Flash’s New Suit: The Flash is releasing on the third Friday of June 2023. It’s based on the events of Flashpoint comics, where Barry Allen, aka Flash, creates multiple timelines while trying to save her mother. The Flash will follow the same plot with some interesting twists in the storyline to make Snyder-Verse canon. 

The movie will start from the Snyder Verse, where Barry will travel in time to create a new timeline. The events of Superman: Man of Steel are still ongoing in this timeline. However, there is no Cavill’s Superman or Afflick’s Batman to save this world. There is a new Batman of Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle’s new Supergirl, and another Flash from this timeline. 

Throughout this time, Barry is using a new suit and powers to tackle the problems. It’s quite possible this question also crossed your mind: How did Flash get his new suit? And what are the new powers he gets from it? Let me explain it in detail to you.

Flash’s New Suit Origin Story:

Flash's New Suit

We last saw Flash in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Flash was a young but premature superhero in this movie. So how did he become so confident and get his new powers? So, the events of The Flash movie will take place after a few years of Justice League. All the incidents that happened during this time are covered in the prelude comics “The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1, #2, and #3.”

The #1 of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive starts with a robbery, where Flash tries to stop a meta-human made of metal. However, Flash fails miserably, and the meta-human breaks the bones of his hands in the fight. After realizing he can no longer fight, Flash decides to take help from Batman. 

On the other hand, Batman is trying to stop Jack O Lanterns from bombing the city of Gotham. However, he is on his Batcycle, which will also appear in the movie. Flash comes here and helps Batman to catch both enemies alive. Later, he asks Bruce to teach him how to fight. Batman nods his head and asks him to meet him in the Batcave. 

Barry meets Alfred in the Batcave, who reveals he is working on a new type of costume that works on compression technology. Here, Bruce tries to teach him some fighting moves, and when the fight escalates, Barry breaks a wall with a single punch, revealing he has no control over his strength. 

Flash's New Suit in comics

Bruce decides to give him a pep-talk, but the Flash leaves once again to fight the same meta-human. Just to be beaten again and torn his suit in pieces. He returns to the Batcave, where Batman suggests him again to use his punches. He also gives him a ring with the new suit with compression technology. This is the Flash’s new suit he will use in the movie. This time, Flash defeats the meta-human with his super punch.

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In The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2, Barry gets his new power of phasing through objects. Flash’s body starts vibrating uncontrollably in a fight with another meta-human Tar Pit. Later, he meets his father for another pep talk to control his vibrations, revealing his new phasing ability. In the #3, he gets another comic-accurate power of quickly changing his directions while running at super speed. 

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