Jacob Batalon reacts to the rumours of him playing Hobgoblin in Spider-Man 4

Peter’s best friend Ned is arguably one of the most loveable characters in MCU’s Spider-Man franchises. He has been with Peter through thick and thin and is perhaps the best Spider-Man sidekick ever seen in a live-action Spider-Man movie and is also undoubtedly the best friend any of the three Peters has ever had (we all know what the other two did to Andrew and Tobey’s Spider-Man respectively. However, one of the most hilarious scenes in Spider-Man: No Way Home led fans to think that the sweet character of Ned can be transformed into a heel character by Marvel in the next Tom Holland trilogy.

In the lab scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home where all three Peters were coming up with an antidote for all the villains, Ned asks Andrew and Tobey whether they had a best friend and they narrate the tragic experiences that they have had with their friends and after that Ned is shocked and he promises Tom Holland never to turn against him.

However, at the end of the movie, we know that no one remembers Peter Parker and everyone has forgotten the true identity of Spider-Man including Ned. We thus can’t assure now that there isn’t the slightest possibility that Ned will turn against Spider-Man in future. Seeing the alleged sorcerer background’ of Ned, fans are now confused totally and they think that Ned will be perfect for the role of Hobgoblin.

What did Jacob Batalon say

Jacob Batalon reacts to the rumours of him playing Hobgoblin in Spider-Man 4
Jacob Batalon

After so many days of anticipating the future of Nedd’s character, actor Jacob Batalon who plays the role of Ned in the MCU has finally opened up about his thoughts on the rumour.

“From all my years of working for Marvel, I feel like I’ve learned to just not say anything. I can’t really speak on things and then say something that might actually be true and then I ruin something, you know what I mean?” he said.

– Jacob Batalon

Jacob Batalon has been working with Marvel for quite some time now and he thus knows their methods pretty well. He has thus thought it to be a better option to not open regarding interviews and it is probably the correct decision.

He added, “It taught me a lot about fame and taught me a lot about experiencing the world and what it really means to be someone who people look up to, in a sense. I’ve learned that the most successful people in the world are not fucking assholes and, most importantly, it’s just sort of how I carry myself. I mean, fame is cool, fame is great, but it’s very fickle. More power to you if that’s all you want, but a lot of people, including myself – I feel like I’m searching for longevity.”

– Jacob Batalon

“I think it was just the scariness of ruining such a great surprise. We all understood it was such a momentous thing to happen in like, not just a superhero movie, but in cinema. To actually do something that crazy is wild. We just wanted to make sure that we kept it as [quiet] as possible so everyone could genuinely be so surprised and love it,” Ned concluded.

– Jacob Batalon

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