Latest Marvel rumour reveals many Thor variants will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder: Perhaps the biggest question that Marvel fans from all over the world have right now is when will the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder be released. Thor 4 is the most anticipated MCU project of the year after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and it is set to release on 8th July 2022. However, less than four months are left in its original release date and the Marvel Studios are yet to release the trailer of the movie this has heightened the excitement about the movie. 

While some sources have revealed that the movie is undergoing some major reshoots, especially in the scenes involving Christian Bale who plays the role of Gorr the God Butcher in this movie, some also suggest that the real reason might be much more serious and that Marvel might be facing some problems regarding Thor: Love and Thunder. Meanwhile, we have come across a very feisty rumour about the movie which will keep the hype about Thor 4 up and rolling. 

Thor: Love and Thunder to Show Multiple Thor Variants

According to this latest rumor, Thor: Love and Thunder will include Thors from various time periods. It also said that they’ll each have a distinct tone and help conquer Gorr the God Butcher. Well, for the unversed, this has originally taken place in Marvel Comics and if MCU indeed goes down that path, Thor: Love and Thunder might very well become a comic-book accurate movie. However, the involvement of Mighty Thor a.k.a Jane Foster hinders that notion as Gorr never actively faced the Mighty Thor. 

Three variants of thor togeather

Gorr the God Butcher has appeared in mainly two comic book series in the Thor franchise and that was in Thor: God of Thunder and King Thor. In one of the comic book series, Gorr the God Butcher made all the Norse Gods his slaves and he forced them to create one of the strongest weapons in the Universe for him which was called the God Bomb. It would wipe out all the Gods from existence in the blink of an eye and thus Thor variants from three different timelines – Young Thor, Thor (the one we know) and Old Thor came together to face Gorr. 

Unfortunately, the God Butcher still managed to defeat them all and he could finally be stopped only after his own son turned against him. This is one of the classic Thor tales and it would be brilliant if the makers of Thor 4 was used in their storyline for the movie. However very little is known about the movie so far and we can not say anything for sure unless the trailer is released. 

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