Kang the Conqueror to Play a Larger Role in Loki Season 2: What to Expect

Marvel fans were already excited about the prospect of Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror appearing in Loki’s second season. But a new report from The Cosmic Circus indicates that the villain will play an even larger role in the show’s upcoming episodes.

According to the outlet, Kang the Conqueror will have a “far more present role” in Season 2, with Majors expected to appear in at least three episodes. This news, while unconfirmed by Marvel Studios, has fans speculating about what the villain’s involvement could mean for the series.

One possibility is that Loki and Mobius will travel to various timestreams in search of different Kang Variants. The Cosmic Circus reports that fans shouldn’t rule out the appearance of other versions of the villain in addition to the already confirmed Victor Timely.

Kang the Conqueror’s Role in Loki Season 2

Kang the Conqueror to Play a Larger Role in Loki Season 2: What to Expect

With so many variations of Kang to choose from, it’s hard to predict which ones might show up next. Fans are already speculating about the possibility of Loki and Mobius encountering Rama-Tut in Ancient Egypt or Mr. Gryphon, who in the comics buys Stark (or Avengers) Tower.

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Another intriguing possibility is that the duo will run into He Who Remains again, but this time, it’ll be during his rise to power before he created the Sacred Timeline. This could provide some fascinating plot developments while further fleshing out the mysterious character who scared Hiddleston’s former villain so badly.

As for what we can expect from Kang the Conqueror’s larger role in the series, it’s anyone’s guess. But with Marvel’s track record for crafting complex and compelling villains, fans are eagerly anticipating the Conqueror’s next move.

Loki Season 2 is expected to premiere on Disney+ later this year, and fans will be eagerly tuning in to see what Kang has in store for the God of Mischief and his allies.

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