WATCH: Secret Invasion’s first 5-minutes released on the official website with a unique password

Secret Invasion’s first 5-minutes clip was recently released on the official website. Marvel’s upcoming show Secret Invasion has been killing it with the Tv-Spots and promos. The serious tone of the show makes fans curious, and they waiting to see the truth unfold about Skrulls.

Secret Invasion is releasing on 21st June 2023 on Disney+, and the “Trust No One” marketing campaigns across social media are igniting the love for Marvel shows again. Recently, an exclusive clip of Secret Invasion’s first 5-minutes was released on the show’s official website. However, it’s not easy for everyone to watch the clip, as you must dig down some clues and details from the official Twitter handle of Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion’s First 5-Minutes Clip Details

WATCH: Secret Invasion's first 5-minutes released on the official website with a unique password

Most of the preview is the first episode’s opening sequence and a trailer attached to it at the end. The clip shows agent Ross (Martin Freeman) discussing various attacks worldwide with another agent in Moscow. The agent already knows about the Skrulls invading the important positions of the country, while Ross asks for the proof before he can invite Fury back to earth from SABER.

The agent later shows him important proof but also starts attacking him at the same time, making viewers furious about his identity. The clip ends with an official trailer in the end.

How to Watch Secret Invasion’s First 5-Minutes

WATCH: Secret Invasion's first 5-minutes released on the official website with a unique password

To watch this clip, you have to visit a specific website hinted by the official accounts of Secret Invasion. The website reminded me of Riddler’s Rataalada website from DC. You have to enter the password before you can watch the video. Don’t worry; you can write “RSD3PX5N7S” in the password to watch the clip.

Here is the official website of Secret Invasion: The Invasion has Begun

What to Expect from Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion’s first 5-minutes made it clear that you can trust no one. The show’s tone is serious and mature, unlike other Marvel shows so far. Even you can call this the most serious and dark show by Marvel.

The inspiration for the show has been taken from the same-name comic series “Secret Invasion,” released in 2018. However, the show will be a tone-down version, as none of the other superheroes are appearing here. Don Cheadle’s Rhodey is the only character to make a cameo in the show.

During the Captain Marvel movie, Nicky Fury and Carol Danvers promised Skrulls to find a suitable home. However, they failed to do this for so long that a group of Skrulls decided to invade Earth. They took over all the important political or influential positions worldwide to end humanity and take over the Earth. Nick Fury is the only one between them and Earth now, and he can “Trust No One.”

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