The Batman: Riddler’s Rataalada website gets an interesting update

It has now been over a month since the release of Matt Reeves’ Magnum Opus ‘The Batman’ and fans can not stop drooling over the masterpiece. It would be right to say that The Batman has suddenly heightened the excitement of DC fans for what next is to come in the DCEU and especially, in Matt Reeves’ Bat-verse. 

The Batman was kind of open-ended with Gotham City left flooded with water and although there was a feeling of hope both in Batman and the people of the city, the next big threat to the city was in the making as a big Vacancy was left at the top of the Power pyramid of Gotham City with the death of Carmine Falcone. 

However, fans will argue that an even bigger threat to the city and Batman himself are the two Supervillains who are currently locked up in the Arkham Asylum in adjacent cabins. The last scene of The Batman showed that The Joker and Riddler were communicating through the walls of the Asylum and Mr J was motivating his new friend by suggesting a possible team up in the future. 

The Batman: Riddler’s Rataalada website gets an interesting update
Paul Dano as Riddler

However, unlike Joker who is pretty much harmless while inside the Arkham Asylum, The Batman has proved that the Riddler is a big threat to the city even while remaining locked up as his anti-social fanbase who are equally fed up of the system are ready to wreak havoc and attack any place of the city on Riddler’s commands just like they did at the Gotham Square Garden. 

Riddler managed a lot of these groups online and that was where they talked about supplies and other things. That is where Riddler’s site came into play. Remember Yes, it is the same site that was used by Riddler in the movie to give Batman the clue to get Carmine Falcone. The makers of The Batman also created a real-life website with the same domain and when fans went there, they had to answer some riddler that changed cumulatively. On answering three correct answers, they were rewarded with the link to Joker’s deleted scene from the movie. Seized by GCPD

The Batman: Riddler’s Rataalada website gets an interesting update

However, the site has now been taken down and the makers used the perfect plan for this as well. If you go to the site now, you will see that it has been ‘seized’ by Gotham Police Department after a ‘seizure warrant; that was issued by the Gotham City District Court. 

This seems logical as Riddler’s site could be used by his fans for illegal activities and thus the GCPD would have actually seized it and all this makes the website look even more real life. 

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