Spider-Man: No Way Home gets leaked online in HD – Digital Release date pushed up

The digital release date of Spider-Man: No Way Home has been pushed up by Marvel due to a recently leaked high-definition BluRay version of the Movie. Even prior to the release of the movie in theatres, there had been several leaked pieces of footage that had gone viral on the Internet and it is high time that Marvel Studios take some big steps to stop these leakages.

Spider-Man: No Way Home New Digital Release Date

Spider-Man: No Way Home gets leaked online in HD - Digital Release date pushed up

Spider-Man: No Way Home was set to make its digital release on March 22 with Bluray/ 4K Ultra HD copies hitting the stores about a week later on April 12. However, with the release of this leaked HD version, Apple Store has decided to release the movie a week ahead of its original release date, i.e, on Tuesday 15th March.

Although it is good news for Marvel fans as the movie will now be released much earlier than the previously released date of 22nd March, it is a worrying sign for Marvel Studios. One of the biggest X-factors of Marvel movies is its pot boiling and thrilling storylines and suspenseful twists. Thus, spoilers for Marvel movies reduce the excitement for a movie by tenfolds and the studio will have to come up with a fool-proof plan to ensure that none of their footage (HD or Camrip) gets leaked online before at least the Digital release of their movies.

Spider-Man: No Way Home HD Leak – Reason and possible Consequences

Spider-Man: No Way Home gets leaked online in HD - Digital Release date pushed up

It is unclear as to who could have been behind this leak but reports suggest that a listing on eBay for the HD version of the movie (which has now been deleted) can be used the trace down the person behind all this. For now, we do not know what steps Marvel has taken after this unforeseen leak.

The insane number of projects that Marvel is currently working on simultaneously is probably the reason why these leaks are happening in the first place. More the projects you work on, lesser the less focus you can give into ensuring that there is no leakage in any of the projects whatsoever. We see leaked footage from the sets of Secret Invasion or any other upcoming Marvel projects going viral on the internet very frequently now and all this has to be stopped.

Every time an entire movie gets leaked online like this, the creators have to incur a huge loss as it reduces the chances of fans buying the actual BluRay or UHD version of the movie by a great deal.

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