Marvel announces the Director of Deadpool 3

After much anticipation, Marvel has finally started giving us details of its most awaited upcoming movie Deadpool 3. Marvel acquired the right to the character from Fox Studios many months ago and they will not introduce the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It had already been confirmed that from now on, Deadpool movies will be set in the MCU which we are familiar with and thus we can expect to see some cameos by popular Marvel superheroes. It seems like the Production stage is almost complete now and we have started getting details about the movie.

Shawn Levy hired as the director of Deadpool 3

Marvel announces the Director of Deadpool 3
Shawn Levy

According to reports, Marvel has almost completed a deal with Canadian-American director Shawn Levy whose famous works include the Night at the Museum movie series and the Real Steel movie series. Recently, he has also directed two popular Blockbuster Popcorn movies – The Adam Project and Free Guy, both of which stars Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. Well, this is a positive sign as we all know that Ryan Reynolds is returning as Deadpool in the threequel of the franchise.

Free Guy and The Adam Project have both been very highly rated by the Audience and have worked in two continuous movies together, it can be estimated that Reynolds and Levy have built very strong chemistry by now and they could use it to their advantage in Deadpool 3.

All we know about Deadpool 3 so far

Marvel announces the Director of Deadpool 3

However, in one way, Deadpool 3 will be tricky for both Marvel and Shawn Levy. You see, both MCU and Shawn Levy have never made an R-Rated movie before. We all know that a character like Deadpool needs an R-Rated movie to clearly portray all his shades. Fox Studios thus kept both the Deadpool movies R-Rated and MCU has decided to follow that path. This means that Deadpool will be MCU’s first R-Rated movie.

It is also being rumoured that Ryan Reynolds has been assigned with some additional duties this time than just playing the lead role. He is supposedly also helping Marvel with the hiring process and maybe it was his idea to bring in Shawn Levy as he is the director with whom he bonds the most currently. Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin have been hired to write the movie and Ryan Reynolds suggested their hiring as well.

Seeing the current state of affair of Deadpool 3, we might expect the shooting to start by mid-2022 which means that we can expect Deadpool 3 to release somewhere around late 2023.

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