Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

Scarlet Witch is one of the strongest characters in all of Marvel Universe. She is a Nexus being which means that she has the ability to alter reality and create a separate timeline using her powers. Over the years, there have been various versions of Scarlet Witch that have been introduced in Marvel comics across its different storylines and series and some of them are much stronger than the others. In this article, we shall thus be talking about the power levels of all these versions of Scarlet Witch and rank them accordingly. 

7. MC2 Scarlet Witch 

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

MC2 Scarlet Witch is an older and much more mature version of Scarlet Witch. The full form of MC2 is Marvel Comics 2 which was written as an alternate possible future for the Marvel superheroes. 

In this universe, Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man and Scarlet Witch fall madly in love and the latter gets into a coma in an attempt to save Tony from an attack. When she wakes up several years later, she is brainwashed by Loki into believing that the Avengers are the reason for her state and she goes on a mission against them. However, soon she is able to save herself from the control of Loki and she escapes. 

6. Age of Apocalypse 

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

The Age of Apocalypse was launched by Marvel in 1995 as a part of the X-Men franchise and it replaced Earth-616 for a brief period of time it also had an impact on the Main Marvel Universe when the original timeline was restored. 

According to this series, Scarlet Witch dies but some scientists make a clone version of her and she turns rogue. The clone Scarlet Witch is almost able to eradicate almost all the Mutants in the world. Being a clone, this version of Scarlet Witch had the full knowledge of all her powers and potential which was what made her so powerful. 

5. Ultimate Scarlet Witch 

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

The Ultimate Scarlet Witch storyline is set in Earth 1610 which is a future version of Earth where Scarlet Witch can teleport and fly as well. The most unique thing about Ultimate Scarlet Witch is that she is very patient unlike all the other versions of the character and uses it t her advantage in every case. A cool minded Scarlet Witch? Yeah, sounds pretty dangerous. 

4. MCU Scarlet Witch 

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

We must not forget that the MCU version of Scarlet Witch that is played by Elizabeth Olsen is pretty darn strong as well. Although she is not as strong as maybe the strongest Scarlet Witch versions in Marvel comics, she sits easily in the top 5 list. 

MCU Scarlet Witch can create an entire pocket reality of her own as she did in Westview and she also broke the Multiverse in all likelihood. Moreover, her battle with Thanos where she completely obliterated the Mad Titan proves just how insanely powerful she is. 

3. Weapon Hex

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

In Marvel’s Warp World series, Gamora assembled the infinity stones and folded the universe in half creating a complete mess. As a result, many Superheroes were merged into a single being. Scarlet Witch for example got merged with X-23 a.k.a Wolverine. 

Weapon Hex had both – Scarlet Witch’s unbelievable magical force and Wolverine’s healing powers and adamantium bones and claws. 

2. Zombie Scarlet Witch 

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

Marvel fans must be aware of the Marvel Zombies series where every Superhero gets turned into a Zombie. Scarlet Witch too gets turned into one after being bitten by Zombie Punisher. As a result, she became immortal which made her even more powerful. If you have seen “What If…?” episode 5, you must have seen how strong Zombie Wanda was. It’s kind of like that. She worked for Zombie Kingpin for a long time in the series. 

1. House of M

Top 7 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

House of M Scarlet Witch is undoubtedly the strongest version of Scarlet Witch and arguably one of the strongest characters ever in the Marvel Universe. In an attempt to finally get her kids Billy and Tommy back, she wipes out almost the entire Mutant population by just saying the words ‘No More Mutants’. 

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