The Batman’s Deleted Joker scene gets released online – Full analysis

One of the most interesting scenes in Matt Reeves’ The Batman was undeniably the one in the end where the Riddler is upset because his plan has failed and he is comforted by the voice of a fellow Arkham Asylum inmate from the very next room. Although the face of the figure was not disclosed totally, the partly visible hair and smile were enough for the fans to get that it was Barry Keoghan playing the role of Joker. It was a tremendous teaser for what might be coming in the sequel of the movie and it kept fans on their toes. 

Warner Bros has now released a Deleted scene from the movie where Batman goes to meet the Joker at the Arkham Asylum in order to take some help from him regarding the case as he wanted to understand the Riddler’s thinking process as was promised by director Matt Reeves. In this article, we shall be briefly analysing the scene. 

Pattinson’s Batman and Barry’s Joker have faced each other before

The Batman's Deleted Joker scene gets released online - Full analysis

Upon seeing that the caped crusader had come to see him, he said ‘it’s almost our anniversary’ with confirms that they have faced each other in Matt Reeves’ Batman universe before and it was Batman who put him behind the bars of Arkham Asylum. He has been here for over a year now. 

Joker’s appearance 

The Batman's Deleted Joker scene gets released online - Full analysis

Fans must have noticed after watching the deleted scene that the appearance of Barry Keoghan’s Joker is very different from Heath Ledger’s or Joaquin Phoenix’s. Joaquin’s Joker had no scars on his face and it was just painted. Heath Ledger’s Joker had a smile-shaped scar on his cheeks but the rest of his face and hair were painted. However, Barry’s Joker is different. 

Every Scar and colour on his face is the result of some acid experiment which confirms that Matt Reeves has kept Joker as close to his comic-book origins as possible. In DC comics too, Mr J falls into a pit of acid and gets bleached completely. It turned him into a lunatic and bruised and scarred his face for life. 

Joker rightly guesses Riddler’s motive

The Batman's Deleted Joker scene gets released online - Full analysis

Barry Keoghan’s Joker needed just a 5-minute long scene to prove his utter brilliance. When Batman came to him for help, the supervillain told him that Riddler was a “nobody who wants to be a somebody” and that it was very very personal. He also added that Riddler “thinks that these people [his victims] have all wronged him” and his grudge goes way back. 

Joker plays Mind-games with the Batman 

The Batman's Deleted Joker scene gets released online - Full analysis

In the end, Joker does not give Batman exactly the detail that he had come here for and he himself mocks the caped crusaded. Being the king of mind games that he is, he told Batman that he was himself terrified of the situation as he started thinking that Riddler was actually right. 

“I think deep down, you’re just terrified because you’re not sure he’s wrong. You think they deserved it. You think they deserved it!” he said and started laughing hysterically – the signature Mr J laughter. 

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