Top 10 Richest characters in MCU

Over the years, we have witnessed a number of insanely rich characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we have seen them pulling off some unimaginable flexes thanks to all the money they have (Tony Stark buying an entire building before smashing Hulk right through it in Avengers: Age of Ultron definitely ranks under top 5 of the biggest flexes seen in MCU). 

However, we have never really been told about the exact amount of wealth these characters possess. We know that Tony Stark and Norman Osborn but we don’t have the exact figures to know exactly how rich they are. But worry not because although Marvel has not provided us with exact figures, they have given some hints here and there using which some Marvel nerds have estimated the Net worths of some of the Richest characters in MCU. 

In this article, we shall be taking a look at the Top 10 richest characters in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

10. Moon Knight

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU
Moon Knight

Moon Knight might not be the first character that comes to your mind when we talk about Rich people in the MCU but what we often forget is that Marc Spector has many personalities and thus he leads many lives. 

One of Marc’s identities is that of Steven Grant who is a Billionaire investor and entrepreneur. Moreover, there are other personalities of Marc too who earn a lot of money. Marc Spector is estimated to be worth somewhere around $2.4 Billion and thus he makes it to the list of the Richest characters in MCU.

9. Professor X

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU

Charles X Xaviers was born to a very wealthy family and as a result, he inherited a lot of money and property. This is why he was able to fund the Xaviers Institution and the X-Men group. Over the years, we have seen the X-Men using a lot of cool gadgets and vehicles and all of it came from Professor X’s fortunes. 

Professor X used his psychic abilities to grow his wealth by investing. Almost all of his investments gave him crazy returns due to this reason and so he was a passive earner. His net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 Billion. 

8. Norman Osborn

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU
Norman Osborn

Norman was the founder of Oscorp Industries which was the leading tech industry in that Universe, kind of like the Stark Industries. He was also the son of a very wealthy industrialist by the name of Amberson Osborn and he was thus extremely rich throughout his lifespan. 

Norman Osborn’s estimated wealth is about $10 Billion. 

7. Reed Richards

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU
Reed Richards

Reed Richards might not have been rich throughout his Marvel timeline but he is undoubtedly one of the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe and he can thus make tons of money from the patents of the devices that he makes. 

The government had earlier seized all the properties of Fantastic 4 but when Mister Fantastic supported the government in the Civil War storyline, he received back all his money. He is estimated to have a net worth of about $12 Billion. 

6. Wilson Fisk

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU
Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk a.k.a the Kingpin is one of the biggest crime Mafias of the Marvel universe and an arch-enemy of both Daredevil and the Spider-Man. A lot of people do not know this but Wilson Fisk is one of the richest characters in Marvel. He has made most of his earnings through his illegal businesses. 

We can make an assumption about the insane amount of money he has from what we saw in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Wilson Fisk tried to make a Collider to bring back his wife Venessa and his kid who had died in his universe. This cost him a fortune. It is said that Wilson Fisk has a net worth of over $40 Billion. 

5. Mandarin (Wenwu)

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU

Mandarin is a very underrated Billionaire in the Marvel Universe. Most people do not consider him while talking about the richest characters in MCU and they could not be more wrong. 

In Shang Chi, we saw that Wenwu has been running the International Criminal organisation ‘Ten Rings’ for over a thousand years and he must have made tons of money doing what he does. 

Although it is difficult to assume how much he is exactly worth as we know about him very less, he is definitely worth over $60 Billion. 

4. Tony Stark

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU
Tony Stark

Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man is perhaps the most popular Billionaire in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, clearly because he spends and flexes a lot in the movies. 

He is the owner of Stark Industries and also has the massive wealth that his father Howard Stark left him. Tony Stark is estimated to have a net worth of about $80 Billion. 

3. Doctor Doom

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU
Victor Von Doom

Doctor Doom, who is considered to be one of the strongest characters in Marvel, is an excellent scientist just like Reed Richards and he earns from patents of his many inventions. However, he is also the monarch of the sovereign nation of Latveria. He is a good ruler and makes sure that no one in his country goes hungry. 

He owns most of the assets in Latveria and is thus extremely rich. Doctor Doom is said to have a net worth of over $100 Billion. 

2. Thor

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU

Thor was the prince of Asgard and one would expect that he has a lot of money. Although after the destruction of Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok one would argue that he is now poor we have to mention him at No.2 because at his peak, he was one of the Richest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

When Thor tries to pay rent to his roommate Daryl with some Asgardian coins and he refuses to take it, Thor says “On Asgard, these coins are worth a gazillion human dollars.” We assume he has (had) a net worth of about $300 Billion dollars. He is thus just a couple hundred billion dollars short to top the list of Richest characters in MCU.

1. Black Panther 

Top 10 Richest characters in MCU

Black Panther a.k.a T’Challa is undoubtedly the Richest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wakanda has vast resources of Vibranium – the rarest and the most expensive metal on Earth. 1 gram of Vibranium is worth $10,000 and thus he has over $90 Trillion worth of material. 

However, that is not how Net Worth works but still, he is worth quite a lot of money. His estimated net worth is about $500 Billion. Thus, he clearly tops the list of the Richest characters in MCU.

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