Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

Over the years, the Marvel Universe has given us a number of different versions of Thor – The God of Thunder. While some of them are worthy of being called one of the strongest Superheroes in Marvel, the others are not that great and well written. In this article, we shall thus be talking about the power levels of all these versions of Thor and rank them accordingly.

10. Throg

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

A retired college football player Simon Walterson gets punished by a Witch whom he failed to trap and thus she turns him into a frog. After that, he meets Thor who at that time had been transformed into a frog himself. When Thor returned to his usual self, a piece of his Mjolnir broke and that became Throg’s turning point as he took it and received all powers of Thor.

9. Mighty Thor

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

In Marvel’s ‘Unworthy’ line of series where Thor proves to be unworthy of lifting the Mjolnir. It was then that Jane Austen, Thor’s love interest lifts the Mjolnir and gets turned into the Mighty Thor.

She is an intensely powerful version of Thor but her true self is very weak physically as she is suffering from cancer.

8. Beta Ray Bill

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

Beta Ray Bill was the first character apart from Thor to be able to lift the Mjolnir. It was followed with a series of events to prove who was the true owner of the Mjolnir and finally Odin had to come in the resolve the issue. He had a new hammer made for Beta Ray Bill and it came to be known as the Stormbreaker.

However, on many occasions after that, Beta Ray Bill helped Thor in his fights.

7. Iron Hammer

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

When Gamora used the Infinity stones to fold the Universe into half, a lot of Avengers characters were merged into one. Iron Man and Thor got merged into a single being to become the Iron Hammer.

Iron Hammer had a suit similar to that of Tony Stark’s Hulk Buster suit and a large Hammer reminiscing that of Thor. His name was Stark Odinson and his father’s name was Howard Odin.

6. Ultimate Thor

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

This version is not exactly thor but rather a reincarnation of the God of Thunder. Thorlief Golmen gets to know that he is the reincarnation of the God of Thunder Thor and sets out on an adventure to explore himself.

It must be noted that unlike Thor, Ultimate Thor is not totally dependant on the Mjolnir or any of his hammers.

5. MCU Thor

This version of Thor, played by actor Chris Hemsworth is pretty darn strong as well, especially after Thor Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. Thor Ragnarok saw Thor fully exploring himself as the God of Thunder while Avengers: Infinity War, we saw MCU Thor at his fullest potential after he got the Stormbreaker.

Although the Avengers: Endgame version of Thor where he had become fat is not that strong, it just takes a month or so of regular gym to get back in shape after all!

4. Old King Thor

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

Old King Thor can simply be called the older version of Thor Odinson who has gained a lot of wisdom having ruled the 9 realms after Odin’s demise. Like his father, Thor sacrificed his eye in exchange for knowledge of the 9 realms and an exceptional amount of power, i.e, the Odin Force and is indeed very strong.

Old King Thor was one of the three versions of Thor who took on God The God Butcher when he tried to create the God Bomb.

3. Thor El

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

Thor El is the combination of Marvel’s Thor and DC’s Kal El, more popularly known as Superman. Back in the day, the two biggest Superhero comic-book industries came together to make a bunch of characters that were a mixture of their Superheroes. Thor El was the most powerful of these characters as he was literally the combination of the two Strongest heroes from both Universe.

2. Old Phoenix King Thor

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

You might be familiar with Phoenix Force. It is one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe and needs a host as a vessel to exhibit its powers. The most popular host of the Phoenix Force was the Mutant Jean Grey.

However, many other Marvel superheroes have been hosts to the Phoenix Force in separate storylines including Thor. And you can very well imagine how powerful the God of Thunder can become if you bestow him with the powers of the Phoenix Force as well.

1. Rune King Thor

Top 10 Most Powerful Thor Variants

The Civil Wars timeline needed Marvel to get rid of Hulk and Thor from the equation as they were just too strong whichever team they ended up supporting would just win the battle. For Thor, Marvel came up with the idea of the Ragnarok storyline. It held Thor from returning to Earth but actually ended up making him even stronger.

Under attack by Ragnarok and Loki’s army, Thor goes to the Well of Wisdom where Odin had received his knowledge and powers by sacrificing his one eye. However, Thor sacrificed both his eyes and thus gained power twice as powerful as the Odin Force. It came to be known as the Thor Force and this version of Thor is said to be as powerful (or maybe more) as the Beyonders and is definitely one of the strongest Thor versions.

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