Bella Thorne wants to play this role in Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 is one of the most awaited MCU movies for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it is now confirmed to be MCU’s first R-Rated movie. Moreover, the fan-favourite character will now be situated in the same universe as Marvel’s other superheroes and this opens up a wide range of possibilities for Deadpool.

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds returns as the lead role and Canadian-American director Shawn Levy will be directing the movie. However, this is pretty much it and nothing else is known about the movie yet. Zazie Beetz and Karan Soni who played the roles of Domino and Dopinder respectively in Deadpool 2 have shown interest to be featured in the third movie but nothing is confirmed in that aspect as well.

Bella Thorne wants to play the role of Lady Deadpool

Bella Thorne wants to play this role in Deadpool 3

Meanwhile, Marvel fans have already made a fan casting. According to many rumours, there is a chance that Lady Deadpool will appear in Deadpool 3 and some think that Shake It Up fame Hollywood star Bella Thorne would be a perfect fit for the role.

Bella Thorne herself has now opened up on the fan casting and she said she would love to play the role.

“Yes, superheroes are definitely fun. I love action stuff, naturally, and I do a lot of action stuff with stunts and whatnot. It’s just always really fun on set and it breaks up the work day when you get to concentrate on the body and feel and how to perform not just using your voice. That’s always really fun for me,” Bella said.

– Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne even said that Deadpool was one of her favourite superheroes and he loved Ryan Reynolds’ raunchiness.

“Deadpool is my favorite. It’s so raunchy and, hello, who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds? He just f***ing nails that role to the floor.”

– Bella Thorne

She also compared Deadpool to the famous Amazon Superhero series ‘The Boys’ which is also R-Rated and gives an unfiltered take on Superheroes.

“What I love about Deadpool is that realism mixed with the, you know, superhero world. It’s something where we feel we can talk to this superhero now in today’s day while still having them be a superhero. I love that shit. Like, The Boys? Love that TV show [Laughs].” Guys! I’m here. Where are you at?” she concluded.

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