Deadpool was supposed to have a cameo in Shang-Chi! Concept art makes a big Revelation

Seems like a majority of Marvel rumours and leaks that are being propagated on the Internet lately are somehow linked to the fan favourite character Deadpool. Ever since the rumours of his appearance in the upcoming MCU Magnum Opus Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are up and running, fans are going crazy about the Ryan Reynolds played the character and are coming up with all sorts of theories. Meanwhile, an official MCU concept art has linked Deadpool to the 2021 hit MCU movie Shang Chi. 

Artist and Illustrator Andrew Kim has come up with a stunning concept art which shows Deadpool fighting the Proxima Centauri in Shang Chi’s Golden Daggers Club which was run by the Protagonist’s sister Xialing. In the movie, we saw Abomination fighting Wong and Shang Chi fighting Xialing and apparently in the concept art, Deadpool is fighting Proxima Centauri in the same ring. 

The truth about the Deadpool concept Art 

Deadpool was supposed to have a cameo in Shang-Chi! Concept art makes a big Revelation
The Deadpool concept art

Well, there are some valid reasons why some fans think it is nothing more than just concept art. We know that Shang Chi is actually based in a timeline after the Avengers: Endgame which means that Proxima Centauri has already been wiped out by Tony Stark’s snap using the infinity gauntlet.

However, seeing the recent trends of Marvel closely following the fan’s theories and Concept arts in its movies can be an indication after all. Many fans think that Deadpool was set to make a cameo in Shang Chi but the makers decided not to go through it as it would be difficult to explain how he travelled through different universes to appear in the movie (considering the last scene of Deadpool 2 where he travels through times and universes was nothing but a joke). 

Deadpool was supposed to have a cameo in Shang-Chi! Concept art makes a big Revelation

However, Marvel can explain this travel through universes in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and thus fans think that it is in that movie that Deadpool will be making his long-awaited cameo. 

Although actor Ryan Reynolds has denied all rumours of his role in the upcoming movie, leaks from sets and other sources have almost confirmed that he will be making his MCU debut in the movie. It is expected to be a comedic role. 

However, nothing about it has been officially confirmed yet and we will have to wait till 6th May to find out on our own. 

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