Leaked Secret Invasion set photo teases War Machine’s appearance in the series

Secret Invasion is one of the most anticipated upcoming Disney+ MCU series. Its shooting is under process and if everything goes according to plans, we might expect an early 2023 release. However, a constant problem that Secret Invasion has faced lately is that its set photos are being leaked online by anonymous sources and they are giving away a lot of hidden details about the series. One such set of leaked photos has teased a cameo of War Machine in the series. 

A leaked behind the scenes image from the sets showed Rhodey (played by Don Cheadle) meeting someone who seemed like the President, in a newspaper. Captain Rhodey, being a figure closely related to the Government and the military, is usually seen in movies that include the involvement of either of those agencies. For example, he appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which was another Disney+ MCU series. 

In fact, Rhodey is set to get his own Disney+ MCU series soon. His series, called ‘Armor Wars’ will focus on War Machine it will centre around what happened to Tony Stark’s advanced tech after his death. According to many, Ironheart will also be introduced to the MCU in that series itself. Armor Wars will be Rhodey’s first solo MCU project. 

Leaked Secret Invasion set photo teases War Machine’s appearance in the series
Rhodey will be the main lead in Marvel’s Armor Wars

Leaked pictures also revealed that “Rogers: The Musical” which is an Avengers-themed Musical will also appear in Secret Invasion. We first saw the musical in Hawkeye (2021).  

Another leaked picture showed a black coloured creature that seemed to belong to a villainous group that was now deceased. 

Despite all these rumours, very little is known about Secret Invasion so far. We know this much that it will be loosely based on the Marvel Comicbook series with the same name. However, it was a crazy storyline that revealed that many of Earth’s superheroes whom we have known for so long were actually Skrull. It is unclear how much of it will MCU show in the upcoming series. 

Leaked Secret Invasion set photo teases War Machine’s appearance in the series
Samuel L. Jackson’s teased look for Secret Invasion

So far, Marvel has showed us an eyepatch free look of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury for Secret Invasion. Rumour has it that the series will also feature Monica Rambeau as in the post credit scene of WandaVision we saw her being taken by a Skrull into space. The Skrull said that she was summoned by someone which we believe was Nick Fury. 

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