Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked

Moon Knight is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe that was written by Doug Moench and was first introduced in the comic series Werewolf by Night in the 1970s. Although he is widely remarked as Marvel’s version of Batman, there is a whole lot more about the character and the MCU will explore all of that in their upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight which is set to release on the streaming platform on the 30th March. 

Marvel has recently shown interest in bringing out some of their darker characters in the MCU like Blade, Black Knight and Moon Knight. Moon Knight will definitely lead the front of their darker characters and will be an important character in the MCU going forward. 

Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked
MCU’s Moon Knight

However, before watching the MCU version of the character, it is important to know exactly how much powerful Moon Knight is in Marvel Comics. MCU will probably not show his full potential in the upcoming series and we need to take a deep dive in Marvel comics to know that. 

In this article, we will rank the best Powers and Abilities of Moon Knight and try to analyse exactly where he fits into Marvel’s power ranking. 

12. Draws Powers from Moon

Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked
Moon Knight draws his powers from the Moon

In Many versions of Moon Knight comics, it has been said that the character draws his powers from the Moon during his connections with the Moon God Khonshu and thus he is the strongest on a Full Moon night. 

In some later comics, it was shown that he has lost this ability but given the MCU can use this power in the TV show. It is being rumoured that Moon Knight’s prime enemy in the first season would be a werewolf and it would be an interesting battle as both the characters drew their powers from the moon.  

Although their powers weren’t the same, they drew their powers from the same source and it would be an exciting parallel to watch. 

11. Prophetic Vision

In simple words, Prophetic Vision is the power to see the future. However many consider it to be God’s way of showing you something. Anyways, Marc Spector has been shown to possess this power. 

However, this power has often severely affected his life. During the Age of Khonshu storyline, Khonshu himself was plagued by visions about the end of the world due to Mephisto. Because Marc Spector is connected to Khonshu directly, he too saw those visions.  

10. Insane Pain Tolerance

Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked
Moon Knight likes being hit

While most Superheroes must have some sort of Pain tolerance, Moon Knight just takes it to the next level.

In a 2006 Marvel comic, Taskmaster was sent to eliminate Moon Knight. He initially seemed to have an upper hand on Moon Knight but later the vigilante got his revenge and even scared Taskmaster. 

Taskmaster is well known for copying the fighting styles of others but Moon Knight’s fighting style is to allow himself to be hit. He makes no effort to block hits and it completely dismantled Taskmaster. 

9. Great Combat skills

Even when not using the alter ego of Moon Knight, Marc Spector himself is great at hand to hand combat. He was a former Heavyweight champion in boxing and is also proficient in all kinds of Martial arts like Karate, Kungu Fu, Muay Thai, Judo and Krav Maga. 

He is also a trained commando, CIA agent and Mercenary. 

8. Life Force Draining

For a short period in the Comics, Moon Knight had the ability to drain people’s life force just by touching them. This happened when he was battling the ancient Villainous group Hellbent. Although it is not one of his common abilities and he probably can not even use it consciously, it is indeed a very strong power. 

7. Detective Skills

Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked
Moon Knight’s detective version

Marc Spector in Marvel comics, being a vigilante, is also a great detective. As we know by now, he has many alter egos ranging from a Billionaire to a Cab driver and thus his contacts and resources are huge. He uses it to his advantage while investigating something. 

6. Accuracy in Aiming

Having had CIA and mercenary training, one would of course expect Marc Spector to have a great aim. But the level of pinpoint accuracy he has is unbelievable. 

Moon Knight once split a bullet in half with his crescent dart while being hit on the side with a bullet. 

5. Immortality

Khonshu is supposedly immortal as he assumes his powers from a God. He was in fact brought back to life by Khonshu on three occasions. 

4. Moon Knight’s Suit

Moon Knight wears a white suit to strike fear into his enemy’s hearts. Unlike Batman and Daredevil, he wants to be noticed and tackle them head-on. 

He upgraded his suit to Adamantium and then to Carbonadium which he argued was almost as strong as Adamantium and much more flexible. The suit also has a glider cloak which allows him to glide around and slow down his descent. 

3. Weaponry

Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked
Moon Knight’s prime weapon – The Crescent darts

Marc Spector is proficient in almost every weapon and firearm. However, his iconic weapons are his Crescent darts. They are similar to Batarangs but can be used handheld as well. He also uses a very special baton very often. 

2. Power Absorption

It is said that Moon Knight can absorb mystical powers. He has previously absorbed the Powers of Iron Fist, Sorcerer Supreme and even Ghost Rider. He was able to absorb the Phoenix force due to this power solely.

1. Phoenix Force

Moon Knight: All Powers and Abilities ranked
Moon Knight after wielding the Phoenix Force

Marc Spector once became the host for the all-powerful Phoenix Force. In that particular storyline, Moon God Khonshu took over Manhattan and made the Avengers fugitive. Moon Knight realised that Khonshu was turning paranoid and needed to be stopped. So he prayed to the Phoenix Force and became its host. He was able to overpower Khonshu with it and defeated him. 

He then allowed Thor to knock him out so he could be free of the Phoenix Force. 

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