Latest Morbius leak reveals a disappointing truth about the movie

Sony’s upcoming Marvel movie Morbius is set to release in about a week’s time on 1st April but a majority of critics have already seen the movie and a number of leaks have already gone viral on the Internet. However, if the leaks are to be believed, fans who will go to the theatres expecting a possible connection between Morbius and MCU or any other Spider-Man universe will be in for a big disappointment. 

Morbius has been under development for almost three years now and its release had to be postponed on several instances due to COVID-19. The trailer of Morbius gave away a number of easter eggs that suggested that the character was somehow connected to either Raimi’s Spider-verse, Venom-verse or maybe even the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Latest Morbius leak reveals a disappointing truth about the movie
The Spider-Man graffiti

A Daily Bugle newspaper, a graffiti of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Adrian Toomes a.k.a Vulture himself – the Morbius trailer had easter eggs from a whole lot of universes. This led fans to raise the question as to which Universe is Morbius actually set in? 

This was supposed to be one of the key driving forces that brought audiences to the halls as they were too intrigued to know which universe the movie was set in (Yes, No Way Home raised the expectations too much).

However, if the leaks are to be believed, the makers of Morbius are perhaps themselves confused about Universe in which the character is set in and the Easter eggs were all but trailer baits. 

According to some Twitter user @Tom_Smith717, the scene from the trailer where Michael Morbius was walking past a Tobey Maguire Spider-Man graffiti was not even added in the final edit and So was the case with the Daily Bugle newspaper. These were all trailer baits aimed at bringing more and more audiences to the theatres. 

Latest Morbius leak reveals a disappointing truth about the movie
Daily Bugle

Another big scene from the trailer was Adrian Toomes’ appearance. Fans wondered what an MCU character was doing in a Sony Studios movie. However, according to rumours, the actual role of Michael Keaton is not what the trailer is showing and he has just received very small screentime in the post-credit scene. So this was yet another Trailer bait. 

Marvel has been infamous for using trailer baits and they have done it before too on many occasions. However, the way in which Morbius’ trailer misguided the fans is one of a kind and no Marvel movie has done this before. If all these leaks be true, the trailer baits might backfire for the creators of Morbius

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