Latest rumour suggests Morbius will be Tom Holland’s villain in upcoming Spider-Man trilogy

The Mid-credit and Post Credit scenes of Sony’s Morbius left fans confused regarding the setting of the movie and the possible future of Sony’s Spider verse. The Post-credit scene and Morbius’ director Daniel Espinosa have both confirmed that Spider-Man does exist in the same universe as that of Morbius but we do not know for sure as to which of the three actors (Tobey, Andrew and Tom) will be playing the role in Sony Studios. Meanwhile, a latest rumour has confused the fans regarding the future of Spider-Man even further. 

According to a latest rumour, Morbius will return in the new Spider-Man trilogy of Tom Holland and this has totally complicated the future of Tom Holland’s web-slinging superhero. The mid-credit scene of Morbius revealed that Tom Holland and Morbius are surely in two different universes and thus fans can not figure out how a the two can feature in the same movie.

Even Marvel and Sony agree upon collabing to bring the two characters together (which has zero to no chances) the makers will find it absolutely nerve-wracking to explain how these two end up in the same universes because ‘because Dr Strange messed up the spell’ is just not going to work every time.

Latest rumour suggests Morbius will be Tom Holland’s villain in upcoming Spider-Man trilogy
Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home

However, some fans have pointed out that Tom Holland is still a Sony Studios actor technically as the rights to Spider-Man are owned by Sony and thus it might be possible that Tom Holland’s new trilogy is set in the Sony Universe and not in the MCU! Yes, as crazy as it sounds this might be completely possible if Sony fixates on making it happen and although fans will definitely not like this idea, Sony has always been pretty stubborn when it comes to Marvel movies and they rarely listen to what the fans want. 

Think of it this way, no one has absolutely any memory about Peter Parker in the MCU whatsoever and it will thus even if he changes universes, not many will notice the difference. With Miles Morales lining up to make his MCU debut soon, people in MCU might not even notice that Spider-Man is gone. And thus, Tom Holland’s Peter can start afresh in the new Universe. However, how he will change universes is still a big doubt and Sony will have to come up with a really good explanation. 

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