Who is Rune King Thor? Comic origin, Powers & Abilities and Weakness

Rune King Thor is perhaps the strongest version of Thor we have ever witnessed in the Marcel Universe alongside Old King Thor and Herald of Galactus Thor. He made his Marvel comics debut with Avengers Disassembled: The Mighty Thor #80–85 which was released in 20014. Thor sacrifices both of his eyes in the well of Mimir and hangs himself from the Yggdrasil to turn into Rune King Thor. He is one of those characters that are too powerful for the MCU. 

In this article, let us discuss every detail about Rune King Thor including his Origin Story, Powers and Weaknesses. 

Rune King Thor: Origin Story 

rune king thor seperate loki head

After Odin died and Thor ascended the throne, Loki turned completely rogue. He took the help of Ragnarok to make another Mjolnir which was made out of the same base as that of the original Mjolnir and created a huge army. 

With his army, he invaded Asgard, broke Thor’s Mjolnir into pieces and defeated him rather easily. He was going to kill Thor but then he was saved by his Avengers buddies – Captain America and Iron Man. However, the war intensifies and Thor asks them to leave for the earth to protect it. And Thor flees from there. 

Thor and Loki’s army come face to face against each other many times after that and on one occasion Thor was even helped by Beta Ray Bill and he took on Loki’s son Fenrir the Wolf almost single-handedly. However, that was not of great help too. 

thor meets odinforce boy
Thor meet’s Boy version of Odinforce

Thor thus finally came to the conclusion that he needed Odin’s force to defeat Loki and thus he started a journey to acquire the Odin force. On his way, he found a boyish incarnation of Odin Force. He tells Thor that he needs to make a sacrifice to gain that level of knowledge and takes him to the Well of Mimir. 

There, Thor sacrifices both his eyes to gain even more knowledge than Odin. He gained the power to see the past. He used it to see the history of Ragnarok only to find it that it was a cyclic process and he vowed to stop it. 

thor drinks from well of mimir
Thor’s sacrifice

He then hung himself from the tree of Yggdrasil to get his hands on Rune Magic and he literally died. After dying, Thor ended up in Hell and saw Hela who tried to attack him. However, Thor’s odinforce saved him and brought him back to life. 

Thor was then reborn as Rune King Thor. 

Rune King Thor: Powers and Abilities 

rune king thor is born
  • Godlike Strength and Stamina – He literally has God’s strength and stamina. 
  • Immortality – Rune King Thor can never die or age and he is also invulnerable to any diseases. 
  • Nigh-Omnipresence – Rune King Thor had Nigh-Omnipresence just like Galactus and the Watcher. 
  • Supernatural Sensory System – He has Superhuman sight, Telescopic Sight, Microscopic sight and Superhuman hearing. 
  • Odinforce – Thor’s version of Odinforce was called the Thor Force and it is said to be more dangerous than that of Odin himself. 
  • Reality Warping – He could make an alternate reality. 
  • Rune Magic Empowerment – As is clear from his name, Rune King Thor masters at Rune magic. 
  • Mind Control and Telepathy – Rune King Thor is a master telepath. 

Rune King Thor: Weakness

thor destroys tapestry of fate

Rune King Thor might be one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe but he is still below being like the Living Tribunal, The One Above All, Pre-Retcon Beyonder, Abstract, Eternity and fully fed Galactus.

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