Tom Holland is the reason why “The Falcon and the Winter soldier” was made – And Sebastian Stan hates it!

Both Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have been involved in an off-screen friendly battle with MCU’s Spider-Man Tom Holland ever since their fight scene in Captain America: Civil War (2016). In a recent interview, MCU’s Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan revealed that Tom Holland might be the reason why he even got an MCU series of his own and he hates to admit it. 

The 2021 Disney+ MCU series ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ was the first time we took a deep dive into the characters of Steve Rodger’s two allies – Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. The series centred around the transformation of Falcon into the new Captain America and it finally gave closure to Bucky Barnes. However, a major part of the series also showed the complex but pleasing relationship between the two. 

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Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

However, none of that would even be possible without Captain America: Civil War. The 2016 movie that showed the two heavyweight members of the Avengers – Captain America and Iron Man come face to face with each other with their respective teams on their sides, had some very interesting moments. 

The movie introduced Tom Holland as MCU’s Spider-Man and he was on Tony Stark’s team. Falcon and Winter soldiers, who were both on Captain America’s team came together for the first time ever to face Spider-Man who was proving to be too strong for each of them individually. Although Spidey defeated the duo, they were able to get rid of him using Falcon’s Red Wing. 

It was a special moment that showed that there was some sort of special chemistry between the two characters. 

What Sebastian Stan Said

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Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland

That scene ultimately led to Marvel making The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series and in a way, both of them owe their namesake series to Tom Holland. This is what Sebastian Stan hated to admit in a recent interview. 

“Basically, Anthony and I got a show because of Tom Holland,” Stan said while talking about the fight scene in Captain America: Civil War. “I guess that’s, like, what I’m realizing now as I’m talking, which is something I’d really hate for him to know — Tom, that is, not Anthony.”

– Sebastian Stan

In the past, Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan have taken funny digs at each other during promotional campaigns. Just recently when he was asked in an interview whether he had seen Spider-Man: No Way Home, he replied that he hadn’t because he did not want to support Tom Holland. 

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