Deadpool 3 director teases a Hulk team up for the upcoming movie

Ever since it was confirmed that Shawn Levy will be the director of Deadpool 3, there have been all kinds of rumours coming in about the fan-favourite Marvel character ranging from his Cameo in the Multiverse of Madness to the other Marvel Superheroes who might appear in the third movie of the Deadpool franchise. However, it is the director Shawn Levy himself who has now unravelled or rather teased a big possibility for the upcoming Deadpool movie.

We know that Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have worked together in a number of Netflix movies now due to their contract with the mammoth OTT platform. In their recent Netflix movie together called the Adam Project, another Marvel superhero Mark Ruffalo who plays the role of the Hulk in MCU has also worked alongside them. In the movie, he is the father of Ryan Reynolds’ character and they have a pretty incredible bond.

Deadpool and Hulk to team up in Deadpool 3?

Deadpool 3 director teases a Hulk team up for the upcoming movie

During the shoot of the movie, the two actors shot a pose together where both of them were lying down on grass opposite to each other with their heads touching. In a suitcase beside them, we could see a sticker of Hulk and Deadpool. Well, fans had noticed it beforehand as well but they did not pay much attention to it until today. Director Shawn Levy himself posted the pic on his Twitter handle today with the caption: “Little did I know…” and he tagged the actors.

Although most of the fans think it is nothing but a joke, some have suggested that it might be an indication of his plan for the Deadpool 3 movie and that we could see Deadpool teaming up with the Hulk.

It was not the first time when Levy was connected to the prospect of a Deadpool – Hulk team up. He was asked this question in the promotion of Adam Project many a times and he replied to an interviewing by saying:

“I’m not going to say where or how, but I absolutely will confirm my intention and determination to be the lucky son of a b*tch who puts those two magnificent gods in the same movie together.

– Shawn Levy

“That will happen, and that will be me,” Levy concluded.

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