Director confirms that Morbius and Spider-Man are set in the same universe

Perhaps the biggest speculation for the upcoming Morbius movie has been whether Sony’s new Anti-hero is based in the same Universe as Spider-Man or Venom. The various hidden details and easter eggs in the two Morbius trailers have confused the fans even further as some clues hint that he is in Andrew Garfield’s Universe, some think he is in Venom’s Universe, some think he is in Tobey Maguire’s Universe while some think that he is in a different shared Universe of his own. However, the director of the Movie has finally himself shed light on this confusion. 

Spider-Man and Morbius in same Universe

Director confirms that Morbius and Spider-Man are set in the same universe

Morbius Director Daniel Espinosa revealed that there is indeed a Spider-Man in Morbius’ Universe but to know which version of Spider-Man it is, we will have to keep an eye on Sony’s upcoming Marvel projects very carefully. 

On being asked whether there was a Spider-Man in Morbius’ Universe, Espinosa unhesitantly said:

“Of course! I mean, in almost all Spider-Verse or, you know, the (universes) that existed in the Marvel universe, if you read the comic books, the whole idea of that kind of – the Marvel string theory, if you would call it that. It’s very related to, if you remember, the alternative Seinfelds. You have a world where you have the same characters, and it’s ALL of the characters, but they are slightly different. So in almost all verses, you have Spider-Man, or a Fantastic Four, or a Tony Stark, or a Morbius. But they will be different in tone.”

– Danuel Espinosa

Connections with MCU 

Director confirms that Morbius and Spider-Man are set in the same universe

After watching the trailer, one thing that Marvel fans have noticed is that Sony is emphasizing too much in the cameo of Adrian Toomes who is the Vulture from Tom Holland’s universe. It clearly indicates that Sony is trying to bring more Audiences to the theatres using its ‘MCU card’ but it also suggests that might soon start connecting its universe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Talking about a “Spider Totem” in all the universes, the director said, “That’s not quite the way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (is) approaching the idea, but they’re remaining to some core truth. Then you have the second kind of legend, which is about the totem. Which is that, in all universes, there is a spider totem. Which means that in all universes, there has to be a Spider-Man. Or a Spider-Woman.”

– Daniel Espinosa

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