New Moon Knight clip gives away a big detail about Arthur Harrow’s Powers

Marvel has been releasing small bits of some interesting scenes from their upcoming Disney+ MCU series Moon Knight. It is a different strategy that the Studio has followed this time around and it is working as the fans are getting more and more eager about the movie. In the most recent video clip that Marvel has released, we are shown a rather important scene where Arthur Harrow (played by Ethan Hawke) shows his powers for the first time. 

Who is Moon Knight’s Arthur Harrow

New Moon Knight clip gives away a big detail about Arthur Harrow's Powers

From what we can understand from the videos so far, Arthur Harrow is going to be the main antagonist in Moon Knight. He has been shown to be a cult leader who is well versed in ancient Egyptian scriptures and the latest clip suggests that he can use his powers and knowledge of old scriptures to summon Egyptian gods and demons. This makes his powers slightly similar to that of Moon Knight as he draws his powers directly from the Egyptian God of death, Khonsu. It might be so that Arthur Harrow needs wants to acquire this power. 

The scene from the recently released clip seems to be set inside a pyramid. We can see Arthur Harrow, some of his followers of people, Layla and Marc Spector a.k.a Moon Knight in the scene. 

The scene and Arthur Harrow’s Powers 

New Moon Knight clip gives away a big detail about Arthur Harrow's Powers

Layla asks Marc to suit up to save them from Harrow and their Thugs and gives her something that resembles a golden egg. It must have some major significance as otherwise, she would not have prioritised the safety of the egg over herself. 

The two thus try to escape the place and Arthur Harrow and his men clearly don’t like it and they try to stop it. It is then that Arthur Harrow reads out an ancient Egyptian spell and taps his crane on the floor. The floor barges open and the hand of a mysterious devilish creature is shown. Although we do not know what it was exactly for sure, it was definitely something to be scared about. 

It appears to be a climax scene as otherwise, Arthur Harrow would not have revealed his true powers. To know everything about the series, we will have to see Moon Knight on 30th March as soon as it gets released on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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