Sony makes big change in latest Morbius Poster – Finally fixes the movie’s ‘Possible’ MCU problem

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff ‘Morbius’ is set to hit the theaters on 1st April, 2022. The movie was initially scheduled to release on 28th January but the date was later postponed due to the surge of COVID-19 cases across the globe from the Omicron variant. 

After the success of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, Marvel’s web slinging superhero is topping the Worldwide trending list consistently. Spider-Man is perhaps the most in-demand super hero in the world right now and Sony looks to cash in on this opportunity. 

Morbius is only the first of many more Sony’s Spider-Man Universe films that are set to release in the near future. However, rather than taking a further deep dive into the life of Peter Parker (or some other versions of Spider-Man like say Miles Morales), Sony has planned to bring out the Anti-heroes of classic Spider-Man comics in their Spiderverse. 

Sony’s Venom, which was their first attempt at such a spinoff, has already been a huge success and Morbius looks to follow a similar path. 

The film ‘Morbius’ is the origin story of Dr. Michael Morbius who turned himself into a Living Vampire. He was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist and was trying to find a cure for a rare blood disease that he suffered from. His attempt to find a cure for himself, however, turned into a curse as he became a Vampire instead and gained superhuman powers and a thirst for blood. 

He needs blood to survive but the worst part of his curse was that right after drinking the blood of his victim, Dr. Michael Morbius was filled with remorse and guilt. Jared Leto, who is playing Morbius in the movie, has looked promising in the trailer. 

Why Vulture should NOT be in ‘Morbius’

Sony makes big change in latest Morbius Poster - Finally fixes the movie’s ‘Possible’ MCU problem
Michael Keaton’s Vulture was seen in the trailer of Morbius (2022)

However, a confusing part of Morbius’ trailer and initial posters was Sony’s unnecessary bait of showing MCU’s Vulture played by Michael Keaton whom we saw in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ to suggest Morbius’ connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Netizens had seen it as a weak hearted attempt to lure audiences to the theaters with the bait of a possible connection between MCU and Sony’s Spiderverse. 

This was however self destructive as this is Morbius’ origin story and the character needs some space. The focus in an origin movie must be solely on the Main character. Thus, these continuous hints and MCU connections just defeat the purpose of the movie.

We know that Sony has been trying from a long time to pull off a Sinister Six storyline but bringing in Vulture so soon and that too straight out of an MCU movie would be rather abrupt and uncalled for. 

Sony corrects it’s mistake

Keeping that in mind, Sony has made a big change in Morbius’ latest poster. They have removed Vulture completely from the poster and have focused on Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius – like it should have been to begin with. 

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